We are excited to offer a number of events to our clients and prospective clients.  The schedule of events listed here will be a variety of Seminars, Webinars, Workshops.  Topics will range from different Technology or Software lessons to JOINT sessions with some of my trusted colleagues that will share all sorts of information that HELP BUSINESSES SUCCEED!

Currently offering many customized courses on QuickBooks Accounting, Maximizer CRM, Excel, Word and other topics.  Please contact us to discuss your requests.

Upcoming Events

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Cloud based technologies that make your business more effective
December 13, 2017 (11:30 – 1:30pm)
With guest speaker Jeremy Burke, Intuit Business Development Manager

Webinars planned

These webinars are all from the comfort of your own office or home.  They are short segments dedicated to specific topics that you can learn and then Maximize your Technology.
Dates to be published soon.  See our full list of Webinars.

  • Word – Selecting, Editing, fixing mistakes quickly (level 1)
  • Word – Formatting Text for Great Looking Documents (level 1)
  • Word – Page layouts & margins (level 1)
  • Word – Making Tabs work, using indents (level 1)
  • Excel – Selecting, Editing, drag & drop (level 1)
  • Excel – Formatting (level 1)
  • Excel – Creating Formulas (level 1)
  • Excel – Working with large spreadsheets easily (level 1)
  • Excel – Secrets to printing effectively (level 1)
  • QuickBooks Journal Entries
  • QuickBooks Reporting
  • QuickBooks transition from desktop to the cloud

Pending Workshops & Seminars

More to be announced once date and venue confirmed.

  • How to setup your Social Media so it works for you without you – 1 hour lunch & learn
  • Setting up LinkedIn for business – 3 hour workshop
  • Setting up Instagram for business – 3 hour workshop

Custom Training booked

  • Excel group training customized to cover level 1 and level 2 topics
  • Word individual training customized to meet the needs of the job for this Court transcriptionist
  • QuickBooks Accounting consulting for private client – focusing on Audit reporting and Year end preparations
  • Maximizer CRM custom training for a group – focusing on Opportunities and Advanced Maximizer
  • Maximizer CRM custom training for an individual – focusing on Customer Service module in Maximizer
  • Custom Computer Training on Internet and Email for senior
  • QuickBooks Accounting consulting for private client – focusing on bank reconciliations
  • Blackberry Training for a group – focusing on Best Practices

Past Events

Instagram for Business basics – September 7 lunch & learn at St. Albert Chamber of Commerce

Ins & Outs of LinkedIn  – September 14 lunch & learn at St. Albert Chamber of Commerce

Cloud Computing & Computer Security – November 24, 2017 at Intuit Breakfast Meeting