Connie Clark, Owner

Hi.  Welcome to our website.

I’m glad you made it here.  It means you are ready.  Ready for information, ready for help, ready to learn more.

Managing data is what I love to help people do better.  Learn better ways to manage your data so that your work becomes easier and less stressful.  No one wants to spend hours in front of the computer without making a difference.

We teach and support what we love to use ourselves.  Personally, my favorite tech always revolves around solutions that help me be more effective, productive and organized.  I am always looking for ways to improve my work and pass on these ideas to my clients.

Please look at our website and contact us.  We would love to help.

Sincerely,  Connie Clark

Connie has been teaching computers since 1990.  In order to run a Computer Training company that met the needs of its customers, Connie found it invaluable to be in the classroom – learning from her students (what they want & what they need).  It is this attention to detail that has given Mission a reputation for outstanding instruction and friendly service.