Tech Builder Training is designed for those individuals that are self-taught on computers and technology.  When you feel you are only applying a small percentage of what is possible.  You want to save time and become more efficient.  You want to use it right!

Focus of Training

This Training focuses on concepts such as:

  • Automation (why do you need to do it or type it if it can be done for you).
  • Templates (no more copy and paste needed). Keep the original work safe.
  • No repeats. (How many times do we repeat the same thing? Why are not making our systems more dynamic?)
  • No doing it twice.
  • Saving 1 hour per day using the tools / features that are best suited for the job / task.

Course Topics

Tech Builder Course topics include:

  • Microsoft Excel Tech Builder training
  • Microsoft Word Tech Builder training
  • Microsoft Outlook Tech Builder training