Certificate Programs

Embrace the Full Technology Solution!
We are technology specialists, computer trainers, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs that are dedicated to creating technology solutions for your office.


QuickBooks Automation Certificate

The goal of this training is to achieve long-term improvements in the way employees do their jobs. This program is best suited for the small office that wants to run their own accounting program.

Microsoft Office and Cloud Certificate

Learning Office programs and Cloud storage solutions. This program is best suited for the small office that wants to be more efficient on the day-to-day work as well as having organized File Management systems inside the office and out.

Moving to the Cloud certificate

Explore all the Cloud storage options. Use the latest technology to find, store and retrieve from anywhere, anytime. Make a plan to move your current files and information to the locations that allow for more accessibility, collaboration and convenience.

Your Trainer

Connie Clark has been teaching, consulting and coaching people on technology / computers since 1989.  She has more than 300,000 teaching hours under her belt and an amazing amount of experiences to share.

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