Office Technology, Accounting Automation and Website Creation


Understanding the technology in any office environment is an important skill that helps improve employee performance.  The goal of this training is to achieve long-term improvements in the way employees do their jobs.  By teaching participants how to setup up applications, (and technology like websites), how to work effectively in programs and overcome common obstacles we can create a program that is sustainable long after the training is over.  This program is best suited for the small office that wants to run their own accounting and website programs.

In this certificate program each participant will learn the following:

  • How to set up QuickBooks Online Accounting in the most efficient way
  • How to tie in Apps to QuickBooks Online accounting for streamlining bill payments, receipt of monies and organizing financial documents in one place.
  • Effective File Management and Email Management processes
  • How to setup and maintain your own website using WordPress
  • How to use OneNote for collaboration and information storage
  • Best Practices for Microsoft Word and Excel; going beyond the self-taught information

Learning Modules

The learning will be broken into distinctive learning modules so that the participant can focus on the theory and have hands-on practice.
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Objective:  Learn how to Setup & Customize your Online Accounting program and integrated Apps.

In this module each participant will learn how to:

  • update Payroll YTD numbers so that the T4’s and all employee documents are accurate for the year.
  • setup direct deposits for Payroll for each employee.
  • integrate Hubdocs with QuickBooks online.  Setup vendor bills to automatically be processed by Hubdocs and QuickBooks online
  • setup up the Plooto app to provide approvals for payments easily and quickly.
  • setup QuickBooks online so that it automatically enters as many bank transactions as possible.
  • setup new procedures for accounting in office to work with QuickBooks and the automation with integrated apps.

Outcomes:  Participant will have implemented the QuickBooks automation features and apps and participant will have clear understanding of the process so that future changes are easy to complete.

Instruction will be hands-on.
Hours: 19 hours


Objective:  Learn how to use your Online Accounting system so that day to day entry and reporting are easy and efficient.

In this module each participant will learn how to:

  • enter expenses and deposits quickly with QuickBooks automation and bank feeds.
  • balance the bank statement and any credit card statements.
  • setup custom reports for staff and board members.
  • use the Hubdocs and Plooto Apps.  As new vendors or new board members are introduced you will need to update these apps with the appropriate information to keep everything running smoothly.
  • fix problems, search information easily and create journal entries.

Outcomes:  Participant will have clear understanding of how to use QuickBooks for day-to-day tasks.

Instruction will be hands-on.
Hours: 9 hours


Working efficiently in an office involves everything from proper file management, email management, working with office applications like Word and Excel and understanding and utilizing your Smart phone and collaboration tools.

Objective:  Learn how to effectively organize their files, notes and emails on the computer.  Also to learn how to update and run their own website for their operation.  And to go beyond the basics and self-taught information to discover that best parts of Word, Excel and the Smartphone.

In this module each participant will learn how to:

  • manage Files on the computer effectively, and find out how to design the right organized file solution for their office.
  • keep on top of Emails, keep it all organized and find information fast.
  • utilitize Calendar Sharing within Outlook via Microsoft Exchange or within Google calendars.
  • use OneNote to become more organized. Find out why it is the best replacement for your paper notebook.
  • be more efficient with notes, emails, documents and links through OneNote. See how OneNote is the best tool for Collaboration, especially with a team of people or a board.
  • modify WordPress Website. Find out how to add more templates, write a blog, insert images and add content.
  • take advantage of Best Practices for Word, Excel, and iPhone

Outcomes:  Participant will a plan for organizing their files, notes and emails.  Participant will also have the confidence and knowledge for running their own Website.  And participant will have clear understanding of the best practices for Word, Excel and the iPhone.

Instruction will be hands-on.

Hours: 29 hours


Course Manuals or Notes are included in all training modules.

Support on topics is included throughout the program.

Participants learning will be accessed and evaluated based on their hands-on experiences and their completion of homework between modules.

Training is customized for the client and their office situation.  Goal is for client to achieve the results they need and have the setup and customization work done throughout the training period.


Total Training duration: 4 to 5 months (when reserving 1 half day per week for training).

Total Training hours: 57 hours.

Total cost of course per person:  $4,308.00

Minimum of 3 people and maximum of 6 people per session.

The Full Small Office solution

Becoming self sufficient and more efficient.

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