Excel Certificate, Level 1


Understanding the technology in any office environment is an important skill that helps improve employee performance.  The goal of this training is to achieve long-term improvements in the way employees do their jobs.  By teaching participants how to work effectively in Microsoft Excel and overcome common obstacles we can create a program that is sustainable long after the training is over.  This program is best suited for the companies that want to have their staff at (or around) the same level of competency while boosting their staff’s performance and confidence.

Level 1 Learning Module

In this module the agenda is as follows:

The components of Excel
The Excel screen
Navigating in Excel

Use Zoom Control to view your data
Select Non Adjacent cells for quicker formatting
Select one or more Columns and Rows
Select a Large Range of cells
Learn several methods of Cut, Copy & Paste
Use Drag & Drop to quickly move data in your worksheet

Insert one or more Rows and Columns
Resize Columns and Rows to best fit your data
Change the format of your data

Create Formulas
Learn the difference between Relative & Absolute Addressing
Use AutoSum to quickly add your figures
Use AutoFill to save time

Preview the output of your workbook
Use Headers and Footers for a more professional look

Freeze Panes to help keep your data in the right place
Split a Worksheet to see different parts of your data at the same time

Outcomes:  Participant will have will have clear understanding of basics of Excel.

Instruction will be hands-on.
Hours: 3 to 4 hours
For Large Groups 7 hours may be required.


  • Course Manuals or Notes are included with training.
  • Certificate of Completion given to each participant.
  • Connie Clark, instructor and facilitator for training.
  • Support on topics is included throughout the program.
  • Participants learning will be accessed and evaluated based on their hands-on experiences in the training.
  • Training can include client examples for exercises in learning.
  • Video Recording of Course
  • Course Exercise provided for practice


    Half Day Training option:
  • Half Day Training duration
  • Total Training hours: 4 hours.
  • Course Investment per person:  $175.00
  • Minimum of 8 people and maximum of 20 people per session.
  • Price if 6 or 7 students: $230.00 each

Full Day Training option:

  • Total Training Hours: 7 hours.
  • Course Investment per person: $350
  • Minimum of 12 people and maximum of 20 people per session.
  • Price if 6 or 7 or 8 students: $395.00 each

The Full Small Office solution

Becoming self sufficient and more efficient.

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