Zoom Training


Understanding how to use remote meeting technology is imperative these days.  The goal of this training is to achieve confidence and understanding with the key fundamentals of this application. By teaching participants how to work effectively in Zoom and to overcome common obstacles we can create a system that will help in remote meeting times.  This program is best suited for individuals or companies that want to meet with others remotely.

Zoom Training Agenda

In this module the agenda is as follows:

Starting Zoom

  • Downloading Zoom account onto all devices
  • Updating your profile in Zoom
  • Inviting others to join a meeting
  • Joining meetings

Audio and Video

  • suppressing background noises
  • muting participants
  • improving video quality
  • using different backgrounds
  • recording meeting and playing back recordings
  • screen sharing
  • sharing a video in meeting


  • scheduling meetings
  • host responsibilities
  • meeting toolbar and quick keys
  • default meeting id
  • meeting settings
  • recurring meetings
  • registration settings


  • attendance reports
  • registration reports
  • daily activity
  • upcoming events


  • account settings for meetings
  • settings for recordings
  • system configuration

Outcomes:  Participant will learn the fundamentals of Zoom including how to setup and run remote meetings online.

Instruction will be hands-on


  • Course Manuals or Notes are included with training.
  • Certificate of Completion given to each participant.
  • Connie Clark, instructor and facilitator for training.
  • Support on topics is included throughout the program.
  • Participants learning will be accessed and evaluated based on their hands-on experiences in the training.
  • Training can include client examples for exercises in learning.


  • Half Day Training duration
  • Total Training hours: 4 hours
  • Course Investment per person:  $175.00
  • Minimum of 8 people and maximum of 20 people per session.
  • Price if 6 or 7 students: $230.00 per person

The Full Small Office solution

Becoming self sufficient and more efficient.

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