Whether you are an office of 3 or 100 you will need to assess what you or your group currently know about computers and technology.

What's the level of knowledge?

Start with an Assessment  before any training begins.  This assessment will determine everyone’s knowledge, their needs and the objectives.  

In most organizations there are the tech masters and there are those who do not feel that they are using technology to its fullest extent.

Tech Builder

Self Taught

I want to use it right!  Designed for those individuals that are self-taught on computers and technology. 

Tech Master

Master Computer User

I need to know the fastest way!  Builds on the strengths of the high performers.

What's the plan?

How do we make it successful?

Training shouldn’t be a ‘1-day, we have everything we need’ experience.

What are the critical pieces?

Tech Together

Use technology to collaborate and communicate better. What can you learn so that your office as a whole / team is working more effectively?


Stay on the right track. Apply the learning to the real world; to your real world (of work). Working in small groups or one-on-one after training can ensure the long-term success of any training program.


Evaluate the learning and see what else there is that you or your group need to go further on. Bring examples of your work, your challenges, your questions, to the training experience.

The goal of training is not training. The goal is to achieve Long Term improvements in the way employees do their jobs.

Tech Builder

When you feel you are only applying a small percentage of what is possible.  You want to save time and become more efficient.

This Training focuses on concepts such as:

  • Automation (why do you need to do it or type it if it can be done for you).
  • Templates (no more copy and paste needed). Keep the original work safe.
  • No repeats. (How many times do we repeat the same thing? Why are not making our systems more dynamic?). Let’s not do it twice.
  • Saving 1 hour per day using the tools / features that are best suited for the job / task.

Tech Master

I need to know the Fastest Way!  Builds on the strengths of the high performers.  Already equipped with a lot of technology skills they are also eager for more.  ‘There must be a better way’ is their motto.

This Training focuses on advanced concepts for the appropriate programs such as:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote

After the Training

Break old habits.  You want to go back to your work with new habits, new ideas.  Transform the way you work.

Tech Together

Collaborate.  A team training program that promotes collaboration and communication.

This Training focuses on programs such as:

  • OneNote
  • OneDrive / Dropbox / Google Drive
  • File Management / Storage efficiencies and processes
  • Email management

Coaching for Tech Success

Follow up coaching sessions in groups or with individuals.  Focused on applying what was learned to everyday life in the office (or field). Change the way we think.  Automate.  Stay on track.

Get Assessed

We can assess your current technology usage.  And we can test / assess your knowledge or your staff’s knowledge.  From there we create a successful plan for your company.