I enjoyed Connie’s teaching style because she made it extremely easy to understand and would show us the steps and let us write things down and then proceed.  She made the session enjoyable and understandable.

She made it extremely easy to understand

I wish to commend you on the recent Maximizer course in which I was a participant.  I found the course material to be relevant, useful and very well presented.
I started applying what I learned almost immediately in the day to day operations of our office.
Especially useful to our operation has been the use of macros for repetitive or complex tasks, use of letter and fax templates (all correspondence is now logged to the appropriate contact) and the ability to mass mail to selected groups of contacts.
Thank you again for the course.  I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to become more proficient and efficient in their use of Maximizer.
Duane Davison, Daryl Smith Estate & Financial Planning Inc

Relevant, useful and very well presented

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