Maximizer Client Relationship Management (CRM) is an exciting business solution that you can use to keep track of anything and everything to do with your business.  One of the biggest reasons people use a CRM program is so they know when they contacted the client (or prospect) last and when they need to contact them again.  It is an amazing follow up tool plus so much more.

Many of our Customers use Maximizer for the following reasons:

  • To Help Sales people track and follow up on customers and leads.
  • To Centralize information and communication with customers, so that everyone in the office can see what was sent/said last.
  • To Track the Sales Pipeline; current Opportunities and what stage are we at with them
  • To Keep up to date on what is Pending with Customers; who do we have to get back to, about what?  what issues are repeating themselves – any trends, can we fix our Customer Service?
  • To Target, Schedule and Send out mass emails to customers and prospective customers (leads)

We teach & help you customize Maximizer via:

  • Maximizer level 1 (Introduction & Fundamentals)
  • Maximizer level 2 (Advanced & Setup/Customization)
  • Administrator program 
  • Opportunities
  • Customer Service
  • Campaign Manager

Check out our detailed agendas for what we teach in each of these Maximizer courses.

Maximizer is a program our company uses everyday and we love to teach, so we are excited about sharing more information with you. To learn Maximizer we offer on-site training, remote training, consulting, training manuals and Maximizer help and support.

In order to provide the best CRM solution, Mission Computers works with Cencomp Systems Solutions, a Certified Solution Provider for Maximizer Software.