Tour of Online Training Portal for Mission Computers

Computer training that you can do at your own pace and whenever you want. This is where online computer training really shines.

Microsoft Teams Success Blueprint

Training divided into 4 Modules with many lessons within each module. 
5.20 hours of video lessons in 25 videos that make up the 21 lessons of the Microsoft Teams Success Blueprint program.
You can finish this training in 1 day or you can take 3 months (up to 12 months in some cases) to watch and rewatch the lessons.

Will online training work for you?

While I have proudly offered face-to-face computer training for more than 20 years, and I had a huge attachment to the classroom, I have begun to really appreciate the benefits of the online world.

What that means to you is:
• No travel time
• No dedicating several hours of the day to a course
• No coordination of schedules

You can take an online course whenever the time is best for you.

You don’t need to schedule large chunks of downtime for yourself or your staff.

Will online training be as effective as in-person training?

That is where my experience was really beneficial. I knew where to expect people to have issues, because I had already seen it in person.

I have built the online courses with “roadblocks” in mind.

When you have a problem grasping a concept, don’t worry, I have anticipated this and explained things more in-depth.

You won’t just learn what button to press.

You will find out about the trouble you can get into with this program. And then I will show you how to get out of this trouble.

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