Here is a collection of Sample documents we use in our Training Sessions and you are welcome to download during training or afterwards for practice.

Excel Spreadsheets to use for practice

These documents are referred to in the learning guides provided by Mission Computers.

How to Download

  1. Click the link of any file and it will download onto your computer for you.
  2. It should show at the bottom of your screen and you can open it up from there, or you can open your downloads folder to find these files.

Spreadsheets for Excel level 1 training

Data Entry Ex

Formula and Autofill Ex L1

Training by MC

Spreadsheets for Excel level 2 training

Inventory List V1.xls

Name & Address list.xls

Salesperson IF & VLookup examples

Training by MC


Other Sample Spreadsheets for Excel Practice

Absolute Formula Office Expenses example.xlsx

Acme Toys for Pivot Tables

Cheque Book to Sort – Add – Filter

Event Fundraiser to Format

Event Fundraiser to Format finished


Home Expenses

Inventory List exercise

New Home Expenses.xls

Sample Name and Address list

Sample Name and Address list w Pivot Tables

What If Examples

Word Documents to use for practice

History of Computers

Keyboard Short cuts from Mission

Computer Tips from 1999