Do you have any Meetings or Conferences coming up?

With 30 years experience we have had the pleasure of being invited to speak at many conferences and would welcome more opportunities to share.  For us teaching computers and being involved with Technology means having the hands-on experiences – we teach what we are passionate about, we use the technology and programs every day.  We write our own Training manuals or provide notes for training.  This Website and Blog is 100% written and created by us.  On Social Media we share a lot of tips and ideas, please follow us.

Do you need a speaker?

Here are some ideas of topics we could speak about:

  • Top 10 tips in Word (Excel or PowerPoint)
  • Security – are you safe from hackers?
  • Advantages of Cloud Computing
  • How to get buy in from your Team on Microsoft Teams
  • Unlocking the mystery of Social Media
  • Throw your notebook away & use OneNote
  • How to be smarter than your Smart Phone

We can customize many more topics for you!  Please ideas from our Seminars or Webinars pages.

Contact us to discuss.