Why you should be Proactive about technology training

After over 27 years in the computer training business I find myself still asking this question, “Why be proactive about training?”  I have been offering training to companies and individuals for a long time you would think I have it all figured out by now.  Well I do have a few thoughts on the topic to share with you.  Why you should be Proactive about technology training could be key to your company success and definitely your efficiencies.

I react

I must admit that I am guilty of the reactive approach.  My client calls, says they want training in x and I react.  I start by assessing their needs and finding out who is involved, why they want that training and what they already know.  Sounds like a good plan.  This exercise has kept me busy for many years.

This year I took a step back and looked at what was the best solution for my clients.  I watch them in their offices, I hear them in training and I just want to give them / help them with ‘everything’. They’ve called me in for 1 specific purpose but I see so much more going on.

The proactive approach

Now I have the proactive approach.  Rather than waiting for the last straw to be broken, let’s start sooner.  Let’s not react.  Knowledge is power, isn’t it?  If we invest in people the pay-offs far out weigh the costs, right?  Let’s make a plan that makes us more successful now.

How I can help my client is to assess their overall needs for technology.  Share with them solutions for not only how to be more efficient in applications like Word and Excel but also to look at what they can do better in the office environment, and with the team.

Questions I ask include:

  • How do they collaborate (with their team or in groups), what can help them here?
  • How do they store their information?  Is it easy to find?  Is everyone using the same process?  Is it accessible to them at all times, in all places?  Do they need cloud solutions? Do they have back ups in place?
  • Is their email under control or overwhelming them?
  • Are they using their smartphones and tablets as ‘smart’ devices?
  • Are they taking advantage of all the advances in Automated Accounting versions so that their bookkeeping time is cut in half?  With QuickBooks on-line and the apps available there is very little need to enter transactions manually, so much automation is available here.
  • Do they need a customer management system?  Do they have a lot of conversations & communications with a lot of people (that they need to track)?
  • Is their website up to date and modern?  Do they have someone that does this for them or do they need to get control of it?
  • Do they need to use Social Media more to get their presence out there? Do they have automated tools to help with this?

I plan to keep the bigger picture in mind and love the chance to go further and do more to help my clients be more successful.

It’s not always me that can do all the work on technology.  I certainly do not know everything.  Over the years I have had the good fortune to meet many talented people in my industry and refer to these colleagues often so that my client has the best solution provider.

Let’s talk

Please do not hesitate to call me or chat further about this.  I would love the opportunity to meet for coffee and learn more about where you are at on the proactive scale.

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