Mission Computers Inc. was established in 1991 in St. Albert, Alberta Canada.   We ran a Computer classroom with at least  7 classes a week until 2003.   Now we have a computer training and consulting business where we go to the customer.

Mission Computers Inc. was originally started by Connie Clark and Darlene Jones.  In 1994, because of an illness Darlene Jones had to leave the business.

Mission Computers started with their first classroom at the Business Development Centre, BDC (now known as Northern Alberta Business Incubator, NABI).  DOS, WordPerfect and Windows were the most popular courses until 1994.  For instance, there were 650 people taught WordPerfect in 1993.  From 1994 – 1999 Windows, Word and Excel became the most popular programs to teach – 1,600 people took Windows training from 1995 to 1999.  In 2000, these programs remained popular and Maximizer training was introduced because of a customer inquiry.

Ten thousand (10,000) people took training in our classroom environment – Mission offered training in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.  Mission has taught approximately 50 different courses (because of all the different versions of software) and Mission has employed over 20 instructors.  Our youngest student was 6 and our oldest student (that we know) was 81.

Mission also offered training at customer sites locally and province-wide.  Connie traveled to Devon, Lamont, BonAccord and other small towns to offer beginner computer courses.

As one of the instructors, Connie spent a great deal of time in front of the student and learned from the interaction in the classroom.  It was this feedback that helped the company to offer the best solutions.  Since 1991,  Mission Computers has provided FREE telephone support and training manuals (written by Connie).  Not only does this help bridge the learning from the classroom to the office (or computer desk) but this helps Connie stay connected to the client.

Client demand constantly changed with the change of software versions and popularity. Connie’s mission is always to meet this demand and take on the challenge of helping the client succeed with technology.

In 2003, Mission Computers moved out of their classroom environment (& office) and adopted a ‘virtual office’.  This was due to the shifting demand for customized, on-site courses and the three-year old in Connie’s life. Connie wanted to have the flexibility of being at home with her daughter whenever she could and going out for training (or sending other instructors out) when scheduled.

Maximizer CRM (Client Relationship Management) consulting encompassed 50% of Mission’s business in 2002 through to 2006.

From 2007 to 2010 Connie spent the majority of her time teaching Maximizer, Working Smart with Microsoft Outlook (for Priority Management) and QuickBooks accounting.

Today the training we offer still includes Maximizer and QuickBooks along with a host of other software and technology.

If it is out there and used by business Connie makes it her goal to learn it and then teach it to others.

Aside from on-site training at a client’s office, the popularity of remote training via GotoMeeting (on-line) has increased.  Now Connie has the ability to reach another market – those further away or those who need hourly training.  Within minutes Connie can log onto her student’s computer and help them learn a new concept or help them fix a problem.

Client feedback says it best… “Connie knew the software and had a well thought out structure designed for any beginner to grasp.  What’s even more impressive is that Connie taught us virtually from Alberta while we learned in a the comfort of our Vancouver boardroom.  Connie adapted her tuturials to suit our industry specific needs and was a pleasure to do business with.”  “Connie was a great teacher, a very active listener of my needs…the knowledge I h ave gained and applied in the use of Outlook is amazing, I feel so organized and in order.”  “Connie’s training style feels like she is one of the office staff and teaches like she works for the company and not as a contractor. If she can train us she can train anyone! Very Patient”.

In addition to working in her business, Connie has spent many hours volunteering in her community.  Connie has sat on the board at the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce and the St. Albert Further Education Association. Personally she served as the Treasurer for the local playschool and chairperson for the local community league.

The next 20 years of computers will change drastically and it is this change that is so exciting. Mission Computers is passionate about helping people manage their data and organize their information so that they get results and increase their efficiency and effectiveness.