Learning computers can be time-consuming, costly, and confusing, but not with Mission Computers. We know how to teach so that you understand and get as much out of it as you put in. Read our testimonials to learn more.

But don’t take it from us, here are some of our many success stories.


Andre Monpetit

Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers

Connie dug deep to find our greatest needs for training. She helped us with not only our efficiency but our profitability. She used our own business examples and helped us improve on real-life examples. In training Connie always kept us on task, she was personable and patient and had a very open approach to helping us. She offered different options to get each of us comfortable with a concept, she did not try to force it down our throats. Although Connie has a real passion for technology, she is not a geek, she is cool and can relate to us. 


Cindy MacDonald 

Associated Health Systems Inc.

Connie is an engaging trainer, when she first asked questions, you could hear crickets it was so silent, Connie was able to draw everyone out and by the second session had them fully engaged and participating in the training. Group training also benefited us by hearing each other’s questions and opened up more learning and understanding than one on one would ever provide.

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Torie Bonafede

TAJ Flooring 

Connie provided an easy online course and template to understand the logistics of setting up a team site. Connie’s program made it easy to set up Teams, confirmed what I already knew about SharePoint and brought everything together in a manner that was easily adaptable by key members of our company. Connie also provided great insight as to which modules to add on like OneNote, and which ones to hold off on, like Yammer. This provided a better foundation for our company to grow into teams without feeling overwhelmed by all of the options.

Dianne Pilla

Dianne Pilla Consulting Inc. 

Technology and I have never been great pals, and Connie has a way to explain tips, tricks, updates, and shortcuts like no one else. Ever. I value your information and honestly have used dozens and dozens of your suggestions. The short bits of information are just enough to keep overwhelm at bay for me. My favorites include Otter, the iPhone calculator, the Canva photo book, and how to use OneNote effectively to name a FEW! Your love to teach and the clear, simple ways you share has been a HUGE help to me. Thank you, thank you, Connie. My friendship with Tech is getting better every day. In fact, I may one day be a BOSS in this arena because of how you generously share your knowledge and true passion for it.

Kim Foresille

Canadian Western Bank 

Before training our group had varying levels of experience and comfort with Excel. As a result, there were critical mistakes made that impacted business decisions and created re-work. As a results of the training people are more confident with their Excel skills and are able to work more efficiently. Connie is not only very proficient in Excel but she is a strong facilitator. Connie is highly collaborative, open-minded, service-oriented, and able to customize to meet the needs of the learning group. We thought it was going to be much harder than it was but the content and exercises were delivered in an impactful way – practical, progressive, and digestible.

Antoine Rempp

Rempp Financial 

Connie is extremely knowledgeable and has helped solve numerous issues I was having with Word, Excel, Outlook, and computer stuff in general. Connie is patient, always positive, and doesn’t mind repeating the same things when my thick skull doesn’t get it the first time. I would definitely encourage anybody who is struggling on the computer, to reach out to her. If you’re having some slight issues or large ones, she’ll help you get unstuck in no time! She will probably give you a few tips in the process that will help you save tons of time on other tasks you didn’t even know you could improve on! Overall, working with Connie was a great learning experience and the investment has paid for itself ten times over with all the efficiency gained.


Chris Penn


Connie is a walking encyclopedia on all thing computers. Her vast and in-depth knowledge is proportional to her excellent ability in transmitting the valuable information and know-how she possesses, to the many people she teaches and coaches on these matters. Highly recommendable person to learn from and work with.

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Dannielle Street

Street Smarts Media Marketing

Connie is a wonderful consultant and terrific teacher. I have learned so much from her! She is so knowledgeable and engaging that learning is not only easy but also so much FUN!

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Sherry Kulchisky

Envy Esthetics 

I’m so thankful for training by Connie. She has an abundance of patience and walks me through the tech so it is easy to understand. She’s never condescending and makes me feel like it’s normal when I don’t understand. I appreciate learning from her. Thank you.

Roberta Hykawy

Local Union 1007

“Before being introduced to Connie, we were doing everything on the computer the long way, unaware of time-saving shortcuts, because we have always done it that way. I knew there had to be a better way and we needed guidance and training to do so. As a result of working with Connie, as a team, we have all collectively learned new computer skills, have gotten more organized, and have learned to use our new “tools” to make our work more efficient. Seeing what was possible, being equipped with these new skills, and the encouragement from Connie were game-changing to our business practices. At first, we were unsure of whether we would be confident enough to apply the skills we were learning, but Connie helped us by sharing relatable examples and real-life applications, so we knew we could do it and saw instant results. 

We are energized and more efficient. Connie is extremely skilled in her field and has many great suggestions for improving overall proficiencies. She is energetic, fun, and encouraging. No question is made to seem trivial or silly. She is well-connected and has helped us find assistance with our other issues and processes in our office. Connie is fantastic at following up and making sure we understand concepts and that we are clear on the goals we are working towards.”

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