OneNote Success Secrets

Why Microsoft OneNote?


Learn the fundamentals of OneNote and see how it suits your organization / business.


Participant will have clear understanding of how use OneNote.

In this course each participant will learn:

With our OneNote course, you’ll master the art of organization and efficiency. Say goodbye to scattered files and notes, and hello to a centralized hub for all your ideas and information. Whether you’re managing work projects or personal tasks, OneNote empowers you to find what you need in seconds.

  • Discover how OneNote fits into your organization and business workflow.
  • Learn how to access OneNote from any device, anytime.
  • Master the art of creating notebooks, sections, and pages for efficient note-taking.
  • Keep your notes neatly categorized and accessible.
  • Master OneNote’s search functionality to find information quickly and effortlessly.
    • Learn how to share your notebooks with teams or groups for real-time collaboration.
    • Benefit from others’ input and insights to enhance productivity.
  • Explore various data types you can add to OneNote, including text, pictures, documents, emails, and hyperlinks.
  • Seamlessly work with emails within OneNote, decluttering your inbox and keeping everything organized.
  • Harness the power of tags to quickly retrieve To-Do’s and important notes.
  • Create links within notebooks to access information with just one click

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Instruction is online with recorded videos to watch and documentation to download. 

This course is comprised of 4 modules with 2 to 4 lessons in each module. Each lesson is anywhere from 7 minutes to 21 minutes long.  Total time is approximately 2.5 hours.

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you save notes on your phone, wear out more spiral notebooks than you can count, or are a Microsoft 365 user and need to keep track of information. 

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