The Tasks by Planner Method

Why Microsoft OneNote?


Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Planner and see how it can integrate with your Teams.


Participant will have a clear understanding of how to set up and use Microsoft Tasks by Planner.

In this course each participant will learn:

Use Tasks by Planner with Microsoft Teams, with SharePoint or as a stand alone app. This training program will teach you everything you need to know to organize your tasks and assign or share tasks with your team.

  • What is Planner
  • Planner Tour – what is possible
  • Planner within Teams & Channels
  • Creating a Task & organizing into Buckets
  • Viewing Tasks in various ways
    • Delegating Tasks & Following Up
    • View All of your Tasks / Plans
    • See Planner online in MS 365 or in SharePoint
  • What is To Do
  • See Tasks from Planner in the To Do App
  • See Tasks from Planner in Outlook Calendar
  • Create a Planner Template
  • How to work with Planner and Private Channels
  • Pin the Planner app to Teams

Master the Planner app within Microsoft 365.

Instruction is online with recorded videos to watch and documentation to download. 

This course is comprised of 5 modules with 3 lessons in each module. Each lesson is anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes long.  Total time is approximately 1.75 hours.

For customized training with your group, contact us for further information.

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