Office space

50 plus ways to use OneNote

More than 50 Ways to Use OneNote Have you started to use OneNote yet? Let me help you Work Smarter ...
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Microsoft OneNote tips

3 ways to Work Smarter with OneNote

Using a program like OneNote is a smart choice! And with OneNote, there are many features that can help you ...
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How to Lock OneNote Notebook with Password Protection

Password Protection in OneNote

Sometimes you do not want everyone to have access to information in your shared notebook. So let's look at our ...
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Four types of learners in a computer class

Are you the Know-it-All or the Keener?

In my decades of teaching adults how to use the computer and technology, I have encountered a number of different ...
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Files in Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive

Understanding Files in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is part of Microsoft 365 and it is an application that has lots to offer. File storage One ...
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Deleting Files in Teams

Confused about how to delete files in Microsoft Teams? Maybe you're a bit confused with all the places there are ...
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working on Microsoft Surface using Microsoft Teams

6 ways to save your Files into Microsoft Teams

A lot of people have to use Microsoft Teams on a daily basis now, but there is still confusion as ...
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When is the Right Time to Call for Help?

"It's not working!" "This doesn't make any sense" "Why does this have to be so complicated.." How often have you ...
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Working on Microsoft Surface, saving files to OneDrive

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is an internet-based Storage system provided by Microsoft. Using OneDrive means you will be accessing the 'CLOUD' for your ...
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You Should KNOW this by now…

Expected to know everything. Have you ever been thrown into a new situation at work where you were just expected ...
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