Excel Levels 1-3

Our Excel courses are designed to help you master this powerful spreadsheet software and unlock its full potential. Say goodbye to frustrations and inefficiencies and welcome a world of seamless data management and analysis. Investing in learning Microsoft Excel is a wise decision that will pay off in your personal and professional life.

Excel Level 1

Level 1 Excel, for beginners. Become more comfortable and more confident with Microsoft Excel.

  • The components of Excel
  • The Excel screen
  • Navigating in Excel
  • Use Zoom Control to view your data
  • Select Non Adjacent cells for quicker formatting
  • Select one or more
  • Columns and Rows
  • Select a Large Range of cells
  • Learn several methods of Cut, Copy & Paste
  • Use Drag & Drop to quickly move data in your worksheet
  • Insert one or more Rows and Columns
  • Resize Columns and Rows to best fit your data
  • Change the format of your data
  • Create Formulas
  • Learn the difference between Relative & Absolute Addressing
  • Use AutoSum to quickly add your figures
  • Use AutoFill to save time
  • Preview the output of your workbook
  • Use Headers and Footers for a more professional look
  • Freeze Panes to help keep your data in the right place
  • Split a Worksheet to see different parts of your data at the same time

Excel Level 2

Ready to learn more Excel? Take the Excel level 2 or intermediate training. Feel like you need to get more out of it? Learn Functions, Charts, Filtering & much more.

  • Autocorrect to type quicker
  • Autocalculate to see the quick answer
  • Autocomplete and Pick List so there is no more retyping
  • Custom Sorts
  • Filter out specific records using AutoFilter
  • Create instant Subtotals & Grand Totals
  • Learn the difference between Relative & Absolute Addressing 
  • Using built-in Insert Function
  • Mathematical functions such as Round
  • Use Financial functions to calculate a loan payment
  • Logical functions using IF
  • Create formulas using Date & Time functions
  • Automatically display information from another spreadsheet using Table Lookups
  • Format as a Table
  • Add data together using Paste Special
  • Linking worksheets within the same workbook Linking worksheets with another file.
  • Grouping Data to enter quickly
  • Creating an embedded chart in a Worksheet
  • Moving & Sizing an embedded chart
  • Modifying your Chart quickly and easily

Excel Level 3

Excel Advanced. Learn about Auditing your work, Concatenate, protecting data, Pivot tables and more.

  • Data Bars & Color Scales
  • Coloring cells based on numbers or words
  • Creating your own rules
  • Data Bars & Color Scales
  • Coloring cells based on numbers or words
  • Creating your own rules
  • Concatenate
  • Removing duplicates
  • TRIM Function
  • PROPER Function
  • AND Function
  • Locating Precedent and Dependant Cells
  • Tracing Precedents and Dependants
  • Removing Auditing Arrows
  • Performing “What If” analysis using Goal Seek
  • Working with Scenarios
  • Having Excel analyze your data for you


  • Password Protect your Worksheet
  • Define Protected area in your Spreadsheet

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