Excel Levels 1-3

Our Excel courses are designed to help you master this powerful spreadsheet software and unlock its full potential. Say goodbye to frustrations and inefficiencies and welcome a world of seamless data management and analysis. Investing in learning Microsoft Excel is a wise decision that will pay off in your personal and professional life.

Excel Level 1

Level 1 Excel, for beginners. Become more comfortable and more confident with Microsoft Excel.

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1.The Basics

2. Selecting Data

3. Formatting Worksheets

4. Formulas

5. Printing Worksheets

6. Working with Large Spreadsheets

Excel Level 2

Ready to learn more Excel? Take the Excel level 2 or intermediate training. Feel like you need to get more out of it? Learn Functions, Charts, Filtering & much more.

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1. Auto Features

2. Data Functions

3. Advanced Formulas

4. Functions

5. Auto Spreadsheets

6. Multiple Spreadsheets

7. Charts

Excel Level 3

Excel Advanced. Learn about Auditing your work, Concatenate, protecting data, Pivot tables and more.

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1.Conditional Formatting

2. Pivot Tables

3. Working with Text

4. Auditing Worksheets

5. Using Basic Analysis Tools

6. Options when Saving

Does Your Team Need Excel?

Do you have a group that needs to master Excel? Maybe they have some experience, but it is mostly self-taught?

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