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Microsoft Teams | SharePoint | OneNote | OneDrive | Excel

Teams Success Blueprint

Everything you need to know about Microsoft Teams so you can work better together, no matter where you are… 

The Perfect training for small business or organizations that need to share information, work collaboratively, and have remote meetings.

This is a Comprehensive online training program that takes you through the setup design, and usage of Microsoft Teams. 

Everything you need to know to double or triple your staff’s productivity with Microsoft Teams. 

Teams Essentials

Do you want to understand Microsoft Teams better without all the “tech-y stuff”? 

Do you find it a bit overwhelming and want to just get to all that you really need to know? 

This training course is meant for the END-USERS of Microsoft Teams. 

Read the Full Course Agenda Here

SharePoint Success Project​

This training is beginner SharePoint training that is intended for the Small Business person or a Non-Profit organization representative. 

You do not have to be an IT (Information Technology) expert to understand or enroll in this training.

OneNote Success Secrets​

Learn how to use the full power of Microsoft OneNote. 

Discover how you can capture any information easily, find information quicker, and reduce email clutter & papers on your desk.

OneDrive Made Easy

This training is basic beginner OneDrive training that is intended for anyone who would like to explore Cloud Storage by Microsoft.

OneDrive comes with Windows 10 and 11 and various versions of Microsoft products. 

The Tasks by Planner Method

Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Planner and see how it can integrate with your Teams.

Microsoft Excel Online Courses

Training available for beginner to advanced levels of Microsoft Excel.

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