If your organization has adopted Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, and you still feel like you are in the dark, then this is the session you need to attend.

Equip yourself with an understanding of how these Microsoft 365 apps like Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, and OneDrive can help you do your work better.

Learn how to work with the Microsoft 365 apps so that they improve your organization’s overall efficiencies.

Microsoft Teams

Free Information Session

Let us show you what Microsoft Teams is capable of…

What you’ll discover

In this information session you’ll discover the following:

✔️ Why a centralized location for chats and filing makes everyone happier.

✔️ How to save 6 productive hours per staff/week. (And 11, 000 annually!)

✔️ Which feature helps EVERY person know and complete their task.

✔️ How to do/write/say key details ONE time and still have everyone on board.

✔️ A solution to critical sticky notes that fall off the desk and are trampled underfoot.

Our Next Teams Information Session Scheduled

Microsoft Teams Information session

Next Info session

  • July 19, 2023
  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM MST

Microsoft onenote

Free Information Session

Is OneNote for more than just notes? Yes!

Is it better than the notes app on your phone, or the paper notebook on your desk? Yes!

Used correctly it can boost productivity by at least 2x!

Let me show YOU what Microsoft OneNote is capable of.

In this Information Session you’ll discover…

✔️ How you can be more organized that you thought possible, with the help of OneNote.

✔️ Why an accessible note system will improve your memory and your productivity.

✔️ How to save countless hours with all the OneNote short-cuts.

✔️ A real-time collaboration answer that will save everyone time (and effort).

✔️ Why using OneNote personally is as important as using it for work.

✔️ Why saving a tree (or entire forest) is possible with OneNote.

✔️ A solution to sticky notes` that fall off the desk and are trampled underfoot.

We’ll get comfortable with all the menus and features in OneNote so that you know what is possible. We’ll then learn how to create well-organized notebooks with the right number of sections and pages and identify all the different ways to add information to our notebook pages.

We’ll also see how we can handwrite in OneNote, as well as customizing the look of our pages and text.


Our Next OneNote Information Session Scheduled

Next Info session

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  • Time MST
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