Some quick facts about Mission Computers experience:
  • In business since 1991.
  • Taught over 10,000 students in classroom environment from 1991 to 2002.
  • Students include small business and corporate clients as well as individuals wanting to upgrade their skills or use a home computer.
  • Our oldest student was 82 and our youngest was 5 (we did ‘computer camps’ during the summer months).
  • Started teaching courses during the DOS days.  We’ve experienced the changing trends of computers and software.  We enjoy the task of keeping up with the technology and educating our clients of the changes.
  • Have taught over 20 different software programs at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Office or business software programs is our focus and it our goal to educate the end-user.
  • Programs taught include: Act, Corel Draw, Email Basics, File Management, Freelance Graphics (Lotus), Internet Email & Web, Introduction to Computers, Lotus, Maximizer, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Front Page, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Works, MYOB, Pagemaker, Paradox, Quattro Pro, QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, Windows, Word, Word Pro (Lotus), WordPerfect.  Some of these programs have been more popular than others over the years and we can meet the demand of our clients by utilizing these programs ourselves. 
  • Offer Support to all of our students.  As a result of this regular communication we discover the most common problems or questions with any piece of software.
  • Guarantee our training.
  • Customize our training to the needs of the business (or individual) being taught.
  • Teach not only the features of the program but also the benefits.  Answer ‘why should I use this…’
  • Have a large number of repeat clients.
  • Receive a lot of referrals.
  • Well recognized in the community & involved.
What our students say about us:
  • Instructors attitude and abilities made me feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Very good service from initial phone call, Connie was very receptive to customer’s needs.
  • I found the course very informative, made me feel more confident with my computer.  I found the instructor to be most helpful and very patient.