So you bought into Microsoft Teams… but what about everybody else?

How do you get them onboard?

What is the right path?

Here are some tips that can help you implement Microsoft Teams and get the  buy-in from the team.

15 tips to help you implement Microsoft Teams

  • Involve all the managers and all the leaders of the organization. As a manager or leader you can contribute ideas that help to shape what your world should look like in Teams.
Managers can contribute Ideas for Microsoft Teams
Get managers to help build the right team environment.
  • Managers and Leaders need to be on-board and positive about the benefits of Teams.  You want to create a culture of excitement, not dread.
  • Find the detail oriented people? They can help build it.
Build the best Microsoft Teams environment
Take the time to build it right.
  • Find the visionaries. They can help with the overall picture and put things in perspective for what your organization is really about.
  • Next, find the motivators. Who are the go getters with technology in the office?  They can be the Teams cheer leaders. These individuals can help get everyone excited about the technology. The go getters want to try stuff.  They will not be afraid.
  • Identify those that will be the end users (not the creators or designers).   You don’t need everyone to know everything.  But you do need the right people to know what is going to help them.
  • Don’t  settle for a quick 20 minute orientation on Microsoft Teams.  That will not be enough time.  Spending too little time will just cause more confusion and stress for all those involved.
Take the time for training for the team
Take the time for training
  • Have a training plan for the different level of users within your Teams environment.

Plan out how to sell Teams to your team

  • Have a Planning Meeting about Teams. Answer these questions:
    1. What’s in it for them?
    2. How will it make their life better?
    3. How will you support them?
    4. What will they be expected to know and by when?
    5. How will it be ‘enforced’ – how will you encourage usage?
  • Plan a test group or initial group for roll out.  Find a group of people in your organization that have the greatest need for Teams or are the most tech-savvy.
  • Be sure to have Teams as a topic item in any and all meetings.  Talk about the great things to come with Microsoft Teams.  Build it up, sell it hard.  Get everyone onboard and curious, before they’ve even started to use it.

Make it Painless

  • But at the same time reassure people that it will be ‘great’.  Share your organization’s plan for Microsoft Teams.  Help everyone to understand how adopting Teams will be a painless process.
Reassure everyone that it will be great
Reassure everyone that Teams is for their benefit
  • When you make others a part of the planning, they take greater ownership to the tech.  They will want to see it succeed and will be more helpful and open.

New Beginning

  • Using Microsoft Teams is a new way of working.  Once you start using Teams be open to making changes, improvements and additions.  Your organization’s team environment will change with you, if you let it.
  • Don’t see adopting Microsoft Teams in your organization as a project, see it as a new beginning.  Share tips with each other regularly.  Keep everyone moving forward. Stay open to all the possibilities for change and improvement.
Microsoft Teams is meant to be a new beginning
Use Microsoft Teams as a new beginning for your team

Need Help?

If you need help with Microsoft Teams check out our Teams Success Blueprint.  It is our A to Z program on everything Teams – learn how to set it up, create it and use it effectively.

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