5 Microsoft Teams Planning Essentials

Planning for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is powerful application with a lot to offer. Other applications are meant to be a part of the Teams experience. What should be a part of your Team in Microsoft Teams? How do you know.

Before you jump in and start creating Teams, take the time to create an implementation plan.

Check list

A plan is crucial to Teams working well long-term for your organization.

Planning will prevent you from having to clean up a big mess in the future.

When you make a plan you will have a purpose and direction to follow.

And finally, a PLAN should include EVERYONE that is invited to the Team.

5 Steps to the Plan

When making a Plan for Teams include these 5 elements:

    1. Plan what files and information going into what Team(s).
        • Everyone in the office has files,

        • there are possibly files on a central server, or in your inbox, or on a memory stick or back up drive…

        • How many of these files will you move into Teams?

    1. Plan who is on what Team(s) and what role they will have.
        • Who needs to share what information in Teams?

    1. Plan the standards of communication expected in Teams.
        • When do you Chat?

        • How often do you Post in the Channel?

        • Is a Meeting required?

        • Can you use Chats or Posts instead of Emails?

    1. Plan the implementation and motivation behind Teams.
        • How will you start to use Teams? 

        • How will you get everyone else motivated to join you on Teams?

        • What are the milestones?

        • Decide on the target date?

        • Plan a reward for Team members that jump on the Teams Train.

    1. Plan the training.
        • Invest in learning how to use Teams effectively. 

        • Invest in the time to get everyone else in the office up to speed. 

        • Don’t waste time with everyone trying to figure it out on their own. 

        • Don’t let others become frustrated and want to give up. 

        • Teach them.

        • Open their eyes to the possibilities.

        • Don’t leave them in the dark…

Don't leave them in the Dark. Show them the possibilities when planning Microsoft Teams

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