More than 50 Ways to Use OneNote

Have you started to use OneNote yet?

Let me help you Work Smarter with Microsoft OneNote. Here is some inspiration for all the ways you can use OneNote.

This is by no means a complete list. But it is a good start. Check it out and see how many ways you can work smarter with OneNote notes!

Within the Office

Let’s just do it all at once with OneNote.

Create OneNote notebooks easily for each of the following:

  • Policy manuals
  • Safety manuals

Communicating with Clients? Why not use OneNote for:

  • Client phone call notes / meeting notes
Office space

Within the office, there is a lot of work that OneNote can do for you so that you Work Smarter.

Consider all the binders of information you have and all the updating of those binders that you need to do.

It would be so much simpler if that updating happened for everyone at the same time. There is no need for making multiple copies of updated pages and then updating the 3-ring binder for every person in the office.

Capture those important ideas 

What about all the ideas that pop up into your head? Easily jot down ideas into your OneNote notebook.

Create notebook sections for:

  • Ideas on what to do
  • Master to do list
  • Plans

In addition to the master to do list, think of all the plans you can keep in OneNote.

  • Social media Plan
    Create a Social media schedule complete with pictures, descriptions and hashtags – all ready for posting.
Keep your plans in OneNote and Work Smarter with Microsoft OneNote

Track your Progress

  • Track progress on goals
  • Track your commitments
  • Track what you did
  • Track updates to website
  • Track updates to marketing program
Before tracking the progress, list the Goals.

There are so many ways that OneNote can help you work smarter with planning.

  • Plan your Agendas
  • Plan Events
  • Plan Presentations
  • Plan Trips (work and/or personal)
  • Planning what to do with your spare time

Notes on your Technology

Sometimes things do not go as planned so you may need to record what happened.

How about making a notebook or section of a notebook for Computer hiccups…
When computer doesn’t do what it should.

  • Record the event, screenshot what happened, report that to your IT person
  • Keep instructions on your printer and how to change the cartridge or even what model number it is so you can buy cartridges at the office supply store.
  • Keep inventory of what you have for technology, where it is stored, when you bought it, what the warranty is, etc.
Create endless Lists.
technology working on OneNote

Be Creative with OneNote

  • Draw with a pen on your surface or iPad or phone.
  • Handwrite ideas or
  • Mindmap a scenario
  • Circle ideas, highlight notes, be creative so it sparks more in you

Get Motivated

  • Record motivational quotes
  • Write out a journal
  • Write down what inspires you
  • Write down quotes or articles that can help you overcome a problem or situation

Rather than googling everything, I use OneNote to quickly search up that topic that I recorded previously (a topic that helped me overcome something or get inspired or motivated).

Professional Development
  • Make notes on the courses that you take. So you can remember and retain what was covered
  • Make notes about ideas or lessons you learn from the books you read
Organize your thoughts

What to say, how to say it – these are important considerations. Use OneNote to help you gather your thoughts.

Use OneNote for any of the following:

  • Before a presentation
  • Before writing an article
  • Before writing a proposal
  • Before talking to your boss/spouse/doctor/customer/child

For Meetings

Whether you are attending meetings for work or volunteer or personal reasons, OneNote can help.

As the meeting organizer you can use OneNote for:

  • Meeting notes
  • Agendas
  • Minutes
  • Supporting documents (needed in the meeting).

As the meeting attendee you can view all of the above items as long as the organizer has shared the notebook with you.

  • Plus you can keep your own copy or version of notes on those meetings

Work Smarter with Microsoft OneNote in your Personal Life​

How great would it be to search up that favorite recipe by simply typing in an ingredient or name of a person (that gave us the recipe).

Use OneNote for Recipes / Cookbooks
  • Take pictures of recipe pages that you use over and over (from your favorite cookbooks)
  • Capture those hand-written recipes on recipe cards or worn out papers
  • Grab that recipe from your favorite website and have the link available to reference if you need more information
Medical information

How much medical information are you keeping track of? Where is it right now?

Why not have a Medical notebook for the important medical information such as:

  • Notes on Doctors visits
  • A link to a YouTube video or website on health related stuff that you are interested in
  • Medical information for you
  • Medical information for your family (spouse, kids)
  • Medical information for your parentsI
Keep medical information in OneNote and Work Smarter with Microsoft OneNote
Special moments

Time passes by so quickly. We try to capture that photo on our phone or remember that funny moment. Why not have some help remembering. Capture those special moments in a OneNote notebook.

  • Remember when your kid said this or did that… Write it down as it happens, you think you’ll remember it but trust me, months or years later it will be forgotten unless you can look it up.
  • Stories told by your parents about how they grew up or things that happened to them – things you want to share or pass down to your kids. My dad had dementia, and when we visited he loved to tell stories of when he was younger, he was reliving those times in his mind. I was sure to capture as much as I could in my notes.
Remember stuff about other people

Do you remember everything when you need to? Use OneNote to help you remember stuff.

Examples could include any of the following:

  • Clothing or shoe size for a spouse or that special someone, so you are prepared for Christmas shopping.
  • The favorite color or flower or thing for that special person, so that you can easily retrieve it when the time is right for a gift.
  • Wish list at birthday time or Christmas.

Every birthday and Christmas my daughters provide me with an extensive wish list that includes size, color, and various details including pictures and links to website, so that I can buy the right gift for them (if I so choose).

Other miscellaneous ideas for using Microsoft OneNote

Other ideas for OneNote that could be personal or work related, include the following:

  • Preparing for celebrations, or recording the details of that celebration.
  • Listing achievements
  • Listing shows or movies to watch (complete with who recommended the show and what they said about it)
  • Lists of books to read
  • Lists of songs to download
Sharing is caring

Share information with colleagues or customers or family.

  • Rather than emailing information back and forth on a topic or event, share a OneNote notebook.
Knowing stuff

At work, how much stuff do you just need to know?

Jot this down in a notebook. Work smarter with Microsoft OneNote.

  • At work, we are told stuff all the time. Or stuff has been emailed to us as reference. Keep this information in OneNote.
  • There is so much stuff to keep track of within your own family.
  • Remember the soccer game schedule and other club information, like the rules, practice dates, names of coaches etc.
  • Important information about family members (medical / gift ideas / likes or dislikes / stories / memories)
  • Within your community, there is so much stuff to know. Keep track of it in OneNote.
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