Moving to the Cloud


Understanding the technology in any office environment is an important skill that helps improve employee performance.  The goal of this training is to enable the participants to make the leap from traditional storage methods to cloud and interactive, collaborative methods. 

By exploring the current situation and then teaching the advantages of the cloud apps we can come up with the solution that fits the business or organization best.  This program is best suited for the office that wants to have their information accessible, shareable and organized.

In this certificate program each participant will learn the following:

  • The Big Picture detailing where we want to go and what we currently have in place
  • How to Map out where everything belongs
  • Implementing the new system

Learning Modules

The learning will be broken into distinctive learning modules so that the participant can focus on the theory and have hands-on practice.
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The Big Picture

Objective:  Learn what system makes sense for the current information.

In this module each participant will learn:

  • their goals for a cloud storage
  • their expectations and desired results list.
  • Fundamentals of OneDrive, SharePoint, OneNote, Teams
  • how to take inventory of what they currently have for information and storage resources

Outcomes:  Participant will have clear goals for the project and an inventory of what they need to work with to change.

Instruction will be hands-on.
Hours: To be Determined with Assessment

Mapping out Where everything belongs

Objective:  To determine what information needs to be moved to what new system and to determine what needs to be deleted or archived.

In this module each participant will learn:

  • how to clean up their current computer, Dropbox and Google Docs systems.
  • a process for deleting and archiving information.
  • a process for moving information to OneDrive or SharePoint or OneNote or Teams.
  • a system for addressing emails stored in Outlook that should be shared / stored elsewhere.

Outcomes:  Participant will have clear understanding of how to clean up their current storage systems and then pick which of the new systems to move information to.

Instruction will be hands-on.
Hours: To be Determined with Assessment


Working efficiently in an office involves everyone having the same blueprint and understanding the rules for working with their systems of storage and collaboration tools.

Objective:  Learn how to create a new cloud system that works for everyone in the office and create a system of rules, procedures and processes for everyone to follow.

In this module each participant will learn how to:

  • structure files in OneNote
  • structure files in SharePoint
  • setup notebooks and structure notebooks within OneNote
  • structure teams for all the different groups, committees and teams within their organization
  • create a system of procedures on what goes where and how to stay accountable.

Outcomes:  Participant will have implemented a new structure for information that resides in OneNote, OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams.  Participant will also have the confidence and knowledge for updating and adding to this system.  And participant will have clear understanding of the best practices for cloud storage.

Instruction will be hands-on.

Hours: To be Determined with Assessment


Course Manuals or Notes are included in all training modules.

Support on topics is included throughout the program.

Participants learning will be accessed and evaluated based on their hands-on experiences and their completion of homework between modules.

Between sessions there will be homework to be done by the participants.


Total Training duration: To be Determined with Assessment

Minimum of 3 people and maximum of 6 people per session.

The Full Remote Office solution

Becoming self sufficient and more efficient.

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