Beginners Guide: OneNote

Replace your paper notebook and never have to write again.  Sync all notebooks with all your technology; your computer, your smart phone and your tablets!  This means you always have your notebooks with you!

Quickly get started with Microsoft OneNote by understanding these 3 main components!

Create as many OneNote Notebooks as you want for different areas of your life or work

Click on Add Notebook at the Top of the notebooks area or Right Click there to Add a Notebook.

My example OneNote Notebooks include:


Create Sections or Tabs within a Notebook

This is the Marketing Notebook example with various Sections (Tabs)


Create a Notebook Section (Tab) by clicking on the Tab with plus sign (+)


 Add Pages to that Section of your Notebook

These are the Pages in the Newsletter Section of the Marketing Notebook.

Add Pages by clicking on + Add Page at the top of the Pages area (right side of the screen)


Add Content to your Page

Content can be virtually anything you would save to your computer!

  • Type text, add bullets, tags, link to Outlook
  • Pictures
  • Other documents (Microsoft or PDF or anything you can open with the associated program on your computer)
  • Emails
  • Tasks
  • Meetings
  • Links to websites or other files
  • Draw free hand (with drawing tools)
  • Video

There are many ways to add content.  You can drag content into the Notebook page or use the Insert menu (in OneNote) or Send to OneNote from other programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

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