How to Sort Birthdays in Excel without the year

Happy Birthday message

A lot of my Financial Clients send out Birthday cards to their customers.  This is an awesome practice but sometimes hard to carry out.  The challenge is sorting the birthdays by the day of the month rather than by the age of the person.  There is a great way to do this in Excel!

The birthdays have been inputted as the Date of Birth (for the customer), complete with year of birth.  When this is exported to Excel and then sorted you get a list sorted by the youngest to oldest person.

BirthdaySorted Birthday
January 1, 1970January 14, 1968
January 14, 1968January 1, 1970
January 20, 1980January 20, 1980
January 9, 1987January 9, 1987

When sending out birthday cards you want to sort this birthday list in order of the days of the month (not by age).  This can be done if you use the right Function in Excel.

Formula for Sorting Birthdays in Excel

Use this Microsoft Excel function to extract only the month and day.  Then do a sort to sort in order of the day of the month.

=Text (A2, “MMDD”)  where A2 is the birthday, copy this formula down the sheet

Sorted BirthdayExcel Formula added
January 1, 19700101
January 9, 19870109
January 14, 19680114
January 20, 19800120

If you are using a CRM (Client Relationship Management) program like Maximizer and have entered in the birthdays for your clients this can be a handy tip for you to use.

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