5 Tips on starting Social Media for your Business

Are you using Social Media to Advertise or Market your business?  There is so much to choose from out there for Social Media and it seems like so much time to engage in this activity… but Social Media is how information is conveyed these days.  If you want to stay current you will need to jump in and start.

A few ideas for starting:

  1. Setup an account name that is the same on all social media platforms (if possible).  IE. your name on Twitter should be the same as the name on Instagram and Facebook.  My name is MISSIONCOMPUTE on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
  2. Your account name could be your business name or it could be a catchy phrase that describes what you sell or what your business is about, eg. COMPUTERTIPS.  If you use a phrase or words like this then anyone searching those words will find you quickly.  Note that some account names are shortened so that is where a business name doesn’t work as well sometimes – when it is shortened too much it does not look like the name of the business anymore and it is hard for your customers to know how to type it in.
  3. Add these Social Media accounts to all marketing materials and encourage others to follow you.
  4. Follow others and learn from them – what are they posting that you like?  what are they posting that you can share? what are they posting that you do not want to post?
  5. Remember what you say describes who you are – so post or share information that fits you and your business.

Each Social Media platform has great tutorials and help pages for getting started:

  1. Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/set-up-facebook-page
  2. Pinterest – https://help.pinterest.com/en/business-basics
  3. Instagram – https://business.instagram.com/
  4. Twitter – https://business.twitter.com/en.html

This is just a short list for now.  Have fun.  Get started.  Follow me & let me know what you think.