How to use Microsoft Excel’s Filter feature

excel filter analysis

Create instant reports and quick lists with Excel’s Filter feature

Do you need a fast and easy way to create a quick list based on your Excel data?  Do you do a lot of reports on your data in Excel?  Rather than copy & paste your data use Filter.

  1. Choose Sort & Filter  from the Home Ribbon, then Filter.
  2. An arrow appears beside each of the field labels in the first row (header row).
  3. Excel Filters eg 1
  4. Click on this arrow to get a drop-down box, which shows all the unique items in that field (column).
  5. Select an item.
  6. Excel Filters eg 2
  7. Immediately all the rows are hidden except the ones that contain that item you selected.

Excel Filters eg 3

You can also filter by selecting more than one item from the first row drop-down boxes.

To undo the filter:

  1. Choose Sort & Filter  from the Home Ribbon.
  2. Choose Filter.