What’s the difference between Click and Double Click?

When to Click. How to Click.

What are the best ways to use the mouse on the computer?  In most cases using a mouse is pretty easy, just start clicking.  This method can however lead to disaster when things start happening that you don’t expect.  This is what I term being an Uncontrollable Clicker.  Click with purpose and you will get where you want and get what you need.  Here are some tips on clicking (when to click and when to double click).

When do I Click once?

  • To move your cursor to somewhere else in the document
  • To select a picture or file when in Windows Explorer
  • To select a picture or table (or any other object) when in a document or file
  • On an underlined word or phrase (hyperlink) when on a website
  • When choosing from a menu
  • When clicking on a button on a Toolbar or Ribbonbar
  • If you are NOT SURE, click once (not twice)

Sometimes clicking once requires patience, maybe what you are clicking on isn’t responding fast enough, so you want to click again.  Beware if you keep clicking your computer will remember all those clicks and you may end up with something you don’t want or somewhere you don’t want to be.

When do I Click twice or Double Click?

  • To open a file in Windows (or any program)
  • To open an email or appointment or contact (in a program like Outlook)
  • On an Icon on your desktop to open a folder or start a program
  • To select a word

Try it out.  Make the Habit.  Be a Controllable Clicker.  Click with purpose.

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