5 signs that you are an Uncontrollable Clicker

Click, click, click – is this getting you where you want to go? Here are some signs that you might be clicking too much and getting nowhere. What I like to call an Uncontrollable Clicker.

  • Do you Right click everywhere & get the wrong menu choices?
  • Are you are unsure when to really Double click and sometimes just keep clicking?
  • Do you want to grab someone else’s Mouse when you see that they can’t find or do something that you can?
  • Have you ever Selected way more that you should of, by accident?
  • Do things happen all of a sudden and you claim no responsibility for it? “I don’t know what happened…”
Well if you answered Yes to any of these you may be that uncontrollable clicker. It’s fun to click, I know, but you will get more results if you know what or when to click.  Using the mouse to move around on the computer can be quick and easy if done right.  Learn when to Click and when to Double Click.

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