9 Keyboard Short-cuts That You Need Immediately

I cannot live without keyboard short-cuts and it always surprises me when people don’t know them.  So here we go, let’s share.  These are some of my favorites.

  • CTRL-N is New, in any Microsoft window
    • In Microsoft Word, CTRL-N will create a New document,
    • in Microsoft Excel CTRL-N will create a New Spreadsheet,
    • in Microsoft Outlook CTRL-N will create a New E-mail if you are in the E-mail window, a New Appointment if you are in the Calendar, a New Contact if you are in Contacts & a New Task if you are in Task window,
  • Ctrl-Z is Undo in a lot of programs (try it),
  • Ctrl-A is Select All (rather than click and drag – stop doing that).
    • Ctrl-A will select an entire document or spreadsheet
    • Within an Email Ctrl-A will select all the names in the To box or CC box as well as any other entry box you are populating
    • Rather than Click & Drag – CTRL-A is a great short-cut for any place you need to select data

Even the F keys still have merit.  The F1 – F10 keys have been in use since DOS days.  I still use a number of them regularly:

  • ALT-F4 will close any window or program. Rather than using the Mouse & hitting the x (at the top right corner) you can use this Keyboard short-cut.  This is rather handy when your Mouse Battery is dead & your mouse doesn’t work.
  • F1 always has been & still is the HELP key in pretty much every program I have ever used.
  • F5 is Goto – try it in Word or Excel.
  • F7 is spellcheck.

ALT-Tab moves from Program to Program (that you have open).

Shift-ALT-D inserts todays date into any text area.  I have used this in within Contacts in Microsoft Outlook (in the notes section of an open Contact).

Of course there are many more short-cuts please comment on your Favorites.