Microsoft Teams for Entrepreneurs: Is it a Good Fit?

Microsoft Teams is a very popular application these days. And as the name states it sounds like it is intended for a Team of people to use.

So this is the question I get asked…

Should I use Microsoft Teams if I don’t have a Team?

  • If I am a Team of One should I use Microsoft Teams?
  • Is Teams recommended for one person to use?
  • Should you just use Microsoft Teams for yourself?


What size Team is best for Micrsoft Teams?

Whether you have a team of 5 or 100 or more.


The Team is you

Microsoft Teams is an ideal solution.

Advantages of Microsoft Teams

There are many advantages to using Microsoft Teams for your work. Here are a few to consider.


Keep all your files and notes in 1 place.

You don’t need drop box or a memory stick or even that paper notebook.  Use Microsoft Teams and it will automatically store your files in the cloud for you (SharePoint). 

You can also easily attach your OneNote to Teams so that those notes are together with your files.

Easy Access

Easy access to everything you need no matter where you are…

Now a days this is a reality. 

You may not always be in front of your computer.  But you need access to files or notes when you think of them or are asked for them.


Faster and better planning.

As an entrepreneur or solopreneur you may be juggling a lot at one time so you need a plan, or better yet, you need multiple plans organized.

Use Microsoft Planner in Teams for this.

Layout your tasks based on multiple categories as well as different priorities and sort into subcategories easily.

As an added bonus Microsoft Planner now integrates with your Tasks in Outlook.

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