7 Reasons why Teams will Change Your Life

With 7 advantages to using Microsoft Teams you can ‘change your life’ at work. This can then help to change your life at home too :).

Setting up Microsoft Teams right is key to have this change your life for the better!

Person working on Laptop, happily looking at Microsoft Teams on her iPhone

Can you imagine a day when your inbox is not full? Or you are not bombarded with emails from everyone at the office / in the organization?

What would it look like to have everything together in 1 place? All the texts back and forth, the documents, the notes about the documents. If it is about that 1 project, all that info and communication is together and nothing else is taking up space.

How would it feel to not have a stack of papers, sticky notes, notebooks to have to sift thru. Your notes are easy to access, you don’t waste time sifting thru your desk to find what you need.

Would this help you arrive early (to meetings), end your work day earlier?

Maybe have less stress, less frustration?

Feel like you have accomplished something and you can see it clearly…

Person working on laptop using Microsoft Teams at home.

7 Advantages to Microsoft Teams

1. Use Teams anywhere, anytime, on any device. Because Teams is a Cloud-based platform, access Microsoft Teams anywhere via the following:

  • desktop or
  • mobile application and is
  • supported on Windows, Mac, as well as iOS and Android.
    All you need is a connection to the internet.

2. Teams helps you and your team with effective communication.

  • Teams keeps your messages together in ‘threads’ so that you can read the conversation as it has happens.

3. Increase your productivity with Teams.

  • Everyone receives the same message at the same time. This means that people can collaborate and keep the discussion flowing. Thereby helping to reach solutions faster.
  • If a new team member joins, they can access prior conversations and have immediate access to all project-related files.
Computer screen showing Microsoft 365 icons

4. Teams is fully integrated to Microsoft Office 365, working well with;

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint 
  • SharePoint,
  • OneNote, (check out our blog on the beginners guide to OneNote)
  • Planner, Power BI, Yammer, and Sway. 

5. Your meetings are synced with your calendar in Teams.

  • Team Meetings are syncs with your Outlook calendar. Within Teams you can see all your existing appointments.
  • When scheduling a meeting, Teams suggests times that other attendees are free (available).

6. Work better together (and Faster) in Teams.

  • Work on the same document at the same time. You can all view the same Word document, edit the same Excel spreadsheet, collaborate on the same PowerPoint presentation while chatting about that document / spreadsheet / presentation.
  • As a team member, join a team meeting or review meeting notes easily.
  • Chat instantly with others.
  • Create group shared Calendars that everyone can access.
  • Share files.
  • Share emails with the Team.
  • Add or delete members for a group at anytime.
  • Delegate tasks to others and track where everyone is at with those tasks.
  • Create standards for your Team and have them visible at all times with 1 click into the wiki tab.

7 . Customize the HUB of your work in Teams;

  • add more apps into your Team so you have everything you and your Team need to share and access in 1 place.
  • Create LISTS that everyone can view, edit and add on to.

Watch the Video -> What is Teams

Click on image below to start YouTube video describing the 7 advantages to Teams.

YouTube Video on What is Microsoft Teams