Which Teams User are You?

Desk with laptop showing Microsoft Teams

Determining which Teams user you are, helps you identify your roles and responsibilities when it comes to successfully implementing Microsoft Teams in your office.

This infographic helps to explain your role in Microsoft Teams, as it compares to your role in your organization.

Microsoft Teams infographic on which Teams user are you. What is your role in Microsoft Teams, as it compares to your role in the organization.
Everyone on the Team (in Microsoft Teams) should understand the purpose for that team.

It’s called Teams for a reason

Microsoft Teams is called ‘Teams’ for a reason, it involves members of a group to come together and form a team to get work done.

Everyone should be a part of the Microsoft Teams implementation. From the owner or President of the organization to all the staff or team members. Everyone has a valuable role to play and how you start this process will determine how well it will be received.

Everyone wants their implementation to go smoothly. Teams is no different, but yet it is. This is all about the groups of people in your organization.

So the sooner you get them all on-board the better.

Make your team a successful one!

Getting educated on Microsoft Teams, that is where we come in!

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