Why would I use Microsoft Teams?

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Everything Together

Microsoft Teams is a program that keeps everything together for you. 

You can access almost any piece of information and countless programs or apps, while you are in Microsoft Teams.

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Powerful Integrations

Teams has the following included or integrated with it:

  • Chat (no need to text or email that colleague, when you can Chat and keep all your conversation easily together)
  • File storage and sharing thru Sharepoint and OneDrive (can also include Dropbox, Google docs and other file storage areas).
  • Online meetings (no need to use Zoom or other apps)
  • Notes areas
  • Notebooks integrated (OneNote for yourself or your Team)
  • Websites (access any webpage with 1 click)
  • Task management and delegation / project management with MS Planner
  • Many extra apps and integrations are available what you use depends on what you need and whether you wish to purchase extra apps.
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So much HELP in 1 place

  • It helps you be organized.
  • It helps you share.
  • It helps you remember.
  • It helps you find stuff.
  • It helps you connect with the right people and give everyone the same information
  • It helps everyone stay on the same page.

What more can you ask for?

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