Great Keyboard Short Cut to Zoom in or out

Zoom In with Ctrl + keys.

Do you need to make the print on your screen larger?  Having trouble reading the screen?  Can’t find the menu option for viewing or zooming in on your work?

Just hit these two keys on your keyboard CTRL +.

When working with a client recently, this was the situation.  They could not see the screen well, the print was too small.  So rather than worrying about what menu (if there was a menu option), we just used the CTRL + keys.
You can hit CTRL + as much as you want, the more times you hit CTRL + the more you ZOOM in on your screen, everything gets bigger!

Zoom Out with Ctrl – keys.

Do you need to fit more onto your screen?  If you are in a web-based program sometimes you may not see the bottom of the dialog boxes.  This happened to my client who uses Maximizer CRM live (on the web); they couldn’t see the bottom of the dialog box so they could not save or choose OK when creating or changing information, this was very frustrating.  Then I told them to use CTRL – to zoom out and see more on their screen.  With the proper zooming out they saw that the OK button was at the bottom of a dialog box and they could then save their work.