5 faqs in a beginner computer class

In a computer class or lesson we definitely encourage questions.  If someone is asking questions then they are engaged in the learning.  It makes for a more fun and lively class.
Here are some questions that have been asked a lot, some of these go way back to the early nineties.  They are real and they are a little funny at times.
But to be fair, when you are a beginner no one should expect you to know this. 
typing on keyboard

Any Key

Instructor tells class to ‘hit any key’.
Student asks ‘where is the any key’?
This where the instructor learns to explain better. Don’t assume everyone knows everything. There are a lot of keys on the keyboard so one could expect an any key.
But unfortunately there is no key with the word ‘Any’ on it. Any key means that you can use any letter or number key on your keyboard.
Right click with mouse

Right mouse button

Instructor tells class to ‘Click the right mouse button’
Student says ‘It doesn’t work’
Instructor ‘Try your other right’ (ie you are still using the left mouse button – although with your right hand)…
We use the left mouse button so much that when someone hears the word ‘click’ they assume it is always with that left mouse button, even when you say ‘right click’. The word ‘right’ never registered for them. 
When that happens, it is always a good time to use repetition in teaching and more explanation. In some of my beginner classes I remember saying click with your ‘second’ finger, on the ‘other’ mouse button. A little bit of humor also doesn’t hurt, so I would also add in ‘try your other right’. 

Do you have to use Save or Save As?

When you first save a file it doesn’t matter what you pick, your options will default to a Save because the file has not been saved before.
When you save changes it does matter how you save.  Using Save will save over top of the original, updating the file with all the changes.
Save As will let you name a new file so you can create a second file with the changes. Then the original file stays intact without changes.

Does that need to be in CAPITALS?

Capitals or case sensitive work is important with composing documents but it may not matter with file names or user names.
File names, email addresses, website names, usernames don’t care about case (capitals or not).
It is passwords that care about the case – some capitals, some not – you have to know which is which.
This is the case (pardon the pun) at the time of creating this blog, as far as this author knows.

Where do I plug that in?

With computer connections there usually is only 1 spot to plug into that will work. The plug will fit if it is meant to (don’t force it).  
Look at the end of the cord that you have and find the similar slot on the back of the computer.
Now a days most things are plugged into your computer with a USB type of connection – these connections are on the back of your computer as well as the front (most of the time).  
When you plug something into the computer, the computer will usually let you know that it is trying to read it and connect to it.  
If this is a new connection like a printer or scanner you may have to load the drivers that go along with that device.

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