5 Tips so you can Type less

Being someone in the computer training industry for over two decades, I have discovered many short-cuts and of course have learned how to use most programs to a very proficient level. Watching people take the long way around to do something or type something (twice) is kinda painful, so I always want to share the short cuts.

As I always say, “Why Type when you don’t have to”, here are some tips to help with less typing and getting the job done faster.

1. Copy and Paste

Most widely used?  Does everyone already know this… I have found some people that still don’t have a habit of Copy and Paste.

  • Ctrl-X for Cut, Ctrl-C for Copy, Ctrl-V for Paste (should work just about anywhere on your computer – you do not need a menu or button for these features)
  • Notice that X, C & V are side by side on the keyboard – maybe that’s why the short-cuts are those letters?

keyboard xcv

2. Select quickly

  • Double-click for a word
  • Triple click for a sentence

3. Address Bar

Use the address bar if you know the website name rather than google everything & then have to click again on the correct site.

  • type in the name of the website & hit Ctrl-Enter for www. & .com to appear

4. Favorites

Save website you want to revisit on your Favorites menu or to your Favorites bar.

5. Keyboard short-cuts

Use Keyboard short-cuts to keep your hands on the keyboard and to consistently type / move around faster.  Check out the other post I have listing my favorite Keyboard short-cuts.

Move around a document or spreadsheet quickly.

  • Ctrl – Arrow – Right moves a word to the right or possibly to the end of the data section (in a spreadsheet).
  • Ctrl – Arrow- Down moves down a paragraph (finds a paragraph return – when you hit enter).  It also moves to the end of the data section (in a spreadsheet).

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