Are your Pictures a Mess?

Since most people don’t do photo albums anymore, storing pictures has become a challenge.
How many do you have?  Where are they?
Do you have back ups?  Are you organized?
Start by making a habit of downloading all your pictures to your computer so you have 1 central place to look.
I take lots of pictures. I store them in such a way that I can find them fast.

Pictures in Computer folders

Organize Pictures by Folders

When saving pictures to your computer use Folders that make sense rather than whatever is created when you download.  There are many options for this, here are some ideas…

Create a folder structure by Year then have sub folders by month.  This is quite helpful if you make photo books by year. It seems that every Christmas I hear from my friends on how difficult it is for them to make a photo book present. They spend hours and hours going through for hundreds of pictures. It is very frustrating to them when they cannot find the exact pictures they are looking for, this is why I make a habit of always loading pictures in the same way. All pictures are downloaded onto my computer into a structure of folders that I can easily retrieve from, kind of like a catalog.

You could also (or instead) have a folder structure by major areas of your life.  Eg. Family, Holidays.  I have 2 beautiful girls so I have a folder called Girls for my favorite pictures of them.  This folder structure is helpful for me because I sync certain pictures with my computer and iPhone. This way on my iPhone I can have a reasonable amount of my favorite pictures.

A picture tells a story and they become the fond memories of the life you lead.
Easily find your pictures and enjoy them, they are a treasure.