Courses vs. Self-Study: Exploring the Benefits

“I don’t need to take a course when I can just read a book.”

We have more books than ever before, and we have Google and the whole internet at our finger tips. 

Yet we still teach computers and technology.  Why? 

Because books aren’t teachers, but human beings are.

A book is a great resource and an accessory or companion to classes but in the end, it’s a human who is the teacher.  

As humans, we can relate to you, emphasize with where you are at and help move you forward.

Learning is more than just taking in information. It involves encouragement, understanding, patience and a process.

Everyone learns and understands at their own speed and others can’t dictate your speed.  If you are rushed, you won’t learn, and you will become discouraged.

Encouragement goes a long way when you are stuck.  You think you can’t figure it out, but an encouraging word can help you see it’s possible and let you believe in yourself.

As a teacher we need to be understanding as to where our student is at in their learning process.  And as a student you need to understand things in your own way. If the example an instructor uses doesn’t make sense to you, that instructor needs to try a different example so that you will understand.

You also need a process that suits where you are at in your technology journey.

A book can’t do any of that.

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