You Should KNOW this by now…

Expected to know everything.

Have you ever been thrown into a new situation at work where you were just expected to know everything?

With the Pandemic crisis and everyone being forced to work from home or work remotely, I think some employers may have assumed it would be an easy transition for people.

Technology is very important these days and putting the right strategies and systems in place for employees is essential, especially when people are asked to work remotely.

In the past few weeks, everyone I talk to is calling their IT department so they get setup just right. But are they?

What’s concerning to me is what I don’t hear about. Who is teaching them how to properly use the programs and tech once they are setup?. 

Is anyone you work with taking the time to learn new skills and techniques to be successful working alone at home? 

Are they willing to share their knowledge with you should you get stuck or find something confusing?

Are they sharing it in an organized, step-by-step approach?  Are they patient and letting you do the driving (of the mouse)?

Chances are your coworkers have enough of their own work and transitions to deal with, much less take the time to assist others.

That’s not their fault or responsibility, but unfortunately there are usually a few people that are savvy and can usually help others in the office. 

Being isolated, forces us to all step up our tech game. You are not alone.

If you need step-by-step training that is organized and thoughtful, sign up for a free Tech Discovery session with us

It is our full time job to train. 

We not only teach you the correct steps to follow but we also keep you out of trouble and tell you what not to do (or what happens if you do this). 

We want you to be prepared, know how to handle the hiccups and be successful.