What Everybody Ought to Know About Learning Technology

After Teaching THOUSANDS of students on computers, I am still shocked when I hear this…

“Learning The Computer is Easy… So Why Am I So Dumb?”

“Sorry, I don’t anything about computers …” 

Have you ever heard someone say this? Or worse yet, have you Thought It?

I hear this a lot, especially when new clients call me…

Well, I hate to break it to people but the simple truth is…

No one is born a computer whiz.

Everyone has to start somewhere… And wherever you are is just right.

But for some reason a lot of my beginner students feel like they should know more than they do.

They are calling me because I advertise that I teach computers & technology. 

So, it makes me chuckle a bit when they apologize and ask if I can help them…

Because this is what I do…

Help people with computers.

Some people feel like everyone else is way ahead of them when learning computers and if they ask a question or want assistance, the explanation is so fast they feel left behind.

I get it. 

I was there. 

Everyone was there at some point. 

We were all at the beginning at one time, it’s just a moment that most of us forget when we are trying to help someone else.

When instructing,

  • we slow down,
  • show patience and
  • remember what it was like when we started learning computers,
  • we start at the beginning and go step by step from there,
  • accepting any question, as no question is dumb, and
  • welcoming any type of learner, no matter where they are (in their learning).

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