What is OneDrive?

Working on Microsoft Surface, saving files to OneDrive

OneDrive is an internet-based Storage system provided by Microsoft.

Using OneDrive means you will be accessing the ‘CLOUD’ for your files.

You can download OneDrive for Free onto any device (phone or tablet) or computer.

OneDrive comes with Windows 10 Free

Microsoft OneDrive typically comes with any new computer that has Microsoft Windows 10.

The Free version stores up to 5 GB of data. 

Laptop and Tablet can be used for OneDrive

You will need to create a Microsoft Account to access your OneDrive account.

OneDrive automatically comes with Microsoft 365.  The amount of storage you get depends on the Office 365 package you have, but the minimum amount is 1 TB (1,000 GB).

Compare OneDrive to Dropbox

OneDrive is comparable to:

  • Dropbox,
  • iCloud or
  • Google Drive.

Why use OneDrive?

Use OneDrive instead of storing or saving files onto:

  • Your C: Drive (Computer Hard Drive)
  • Your Network Drive at work
  • Drop Box
  • Memory sticks
  • Emails
workers around boardroom table working on computers, using OneDrive
Staff working on their Laptops in the office boardroom

OneDrive is like My Documents

OneDrive is a Separate Cloud system for Each User.  It is similar to My Documents.

All files on OneDrive are available to you, the account holder but you can share any file, group of files or folder.

Better solutions for sharing

If you need to share a lot of files, don’t use Microsoft OneDrive, use Microsoft SharePoint (or Teams).

Check out this video on the differences between Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

OneDrive locations for everyone in your Office

If there are 20 people at your office and you are using Office 365 then you have;

  • 20 OneDrive locations
  • By Default Each user has 1 GB of storage (this size limit can be changed)

With the Business Office 365 there is a OneDrive Admin center where someone in your organization (or your IT company) can administrate the users, the access and all changes needed.

Access Anywhere and Sharing are two major benefits of OneDrive.

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Do you need to see OneDrive in action?

Watch this Tour of OneDrive

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