Will On-line Training Work?

I don’t have time for computer training, I have a job to do!

It may or may not surprise you how often people have said that to me. It’s truly a catch-22 situation.

People can’t afford to take time and dedicate it to learning more efficient and time-saving ways to use the software they use on the job because they are too busy spending more time than necessary using the software they use on the job.

Or, to put it a simpler way… they don’t have time to save time.

This is where online computer training really shines.

While I have proudly offered face-to-face computer training for more than 20 years, and I had a huge attachment to the classroom, I have begun to really appreciate the benefits of the online world.

  • No travel time
  • No dedicating several hours of the day to a course
  • No coordination of schedules – everyone can take online courses when the time is best for them.

My clients have begun to realize that they can more efficiently and effectively provide training for their people without scheduling large chunks of down-time.

One of the concerns I had was whether an online course would actually be as effective as in person.

That is where my experience was really beneficial. I knew where to expect people to have issues, because I had already seen it in person.

The courses just need to be built with “roadblocks” in mind.

I can explain things more in-depth when I know they might have a problem grasping a concept.

I don’t just teach them what button to press.

I talk about the trouble they can get into and then show them how to get out of that trouble.

Online teaching programs offer options that can really help people as they learn, such as live chats that mean people can easily ask for assistance and easily talk with me.

All of our online courses have Training Notes, Practice Exercises, Sample Documents and Quizzes.  This is so you know you are learning and you have all the tools to do so!

Live Coaching calls with me, your instructor is also an option! 

I’m truly excited for this new world of learning.  You should check it out.